Sunday, March 28, 2010

Cafe Review

Well I always wanted to be a restaurant critic so here I am creating a review on my blog.
Some of the girls and I decided to have an outing to the Beach area of Toronto yesterday to visit Scrapbooks by Design and try a new place for lunch. After doing some searching on the web, I stumbled across this listing for Wild Earth Bakery and Cafe. With several of our group having dietary issues and limitations, I thought it sounded like the ideal place to go - nut-free, organic, gluten free, sugar free with over 100 choices of loose leaf tea (my new favorite hobby to explore). So we decided it would be a good thing to try.

Well we were certainly not disappointed! It is a quaint little place with seating for about 25 or so. There truly are over 100 choices in tea - everything from traditional English Breakfast to White Swiss Truffle Rooibos and everything in between. You can buy an average 50g bag to take home for about $5 and even try a sampler to make 2 cups of tea for $1. There are so many wonderful things to purchase to take home (besides the tea selection) - free trade coffee beans, wonderful jams, chutneys, spreads, teapots, mugs, traveling mugs, and a big seller for our group - tea sacs - turning your loose tea into a tea bag when you just don't have time for the wonderful ritual of making a pot of loose steeped tea.

For lunch we tried various things - roast beef sandwiches on fresh ciabatta buns, turkey sandwich, and quesadillas. There are at least three breads to choose from every day along with other specials and at least two soups of the day. Some of our ladies tried the Tomato Basil soup and the Cream of Carrot and everyone raved about both of them.

Then it was time for dessert - I don't remember how many desserts there were to choose from exactly but I figure at least 30 - from Chocolate Ginger Cookies to cupcakes to lemon squares to carrot loaf. Our group went with the Chocolate Cup Cake with Buttercream Icing, Lemon Square, and Triple Chocolate Cookie Sandwich with Buttercream Filling (think Giant Oreo but so much better). There were choices for Gluten Free and Sugar Free in the dessert aisle too.

The price is very reasonable for eating in the Beach - my bill came to $21 for sandwich, tea, dessert, White Swiss Truffle tea to take home, and a package of 100 tea sacs. More than reasonable if I really think about it.

The people working there are fantastic, so understanding and patient while they learn about their customers individual needs. Overall it was a wonderful visit and we'll definitely be going back. If you are in the Beach area and want to sample some new tea or pick up some gluten free sugar free dessert or bread to try, check it out. It's located at 2142 Queen Street East, with Green P parking just around the corner on Hammersmith. You can also check out their website at

Thanks to the guys for a wonderful visit!

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